My name is Dammy and I am just starting my third year at Warwick University studying Law and Business Studies. I am not sure what else to say about myself but I am sure as I start writing you will soon find out more about me. It is so scary putting yourself out there on a public forum so I’m just going to jump in and hope for the best. I read somewhere that you should “write what you know” so that is exactly what I will be doing on here. Click here to see what I have written about so far. In the posts I talk about real life people I have substituted all the names.


If you would like to read my ‘official’ introduction click here to make your way over to my first ever blog post. It would be great to hear peoples’ opinions/criticisms and I am also open to new ideas for future posts. Likewise, if you are a blogger too then feel free to comment or message me or something and I would love to read your posts.



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