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As I write this I am sitting at the airport about to board a plane to Tokyo, Japan. This will be the first stop on what I have been referring to as #DammysBigTrip. I am SO excited but also very nervous as this will be my first time travelling by myself. For the past two years I have backpacked throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and India with my sister but this time I am completely by myself.

I will be away for about 4 months and will be going to several countries across Asia and South America (although I plan to come back for about a week inbetween as flights to Peru are cheaper from the UK).

I have been thinking about doing this trip and saving money for it since I first started University (4 years ago) and have been planning it since about January and I cannot believe it has finally arrived! I will try and keep you all updated on where I am and what I am doing on here and through my instagram story.

If I am honest, this trip did not start off too well. This morning, I did not actually have my passport. It was still at the Chinese visa application centre as from Japan, I am going to China and there was a bit of a difficulty getting my visa as my passport needed to be left at the embassy for 4 days. However, I only got back from Mexico on Sunday and Monday was a bank holiday and before going to Mexico, I was working full time so had very few days off and then my Chinese letter of invitation arrived late and by the time it did, appointments for the visa were fully booked for 2 weeks….

Nevertheless, despite the stress of it all, I have my passport in my hands, my rucksack is all checked in and I have been through security so #DammysBigTrip can offitially commence!

I only plan to be in Japan for about 2 weeks as it is such an expensive place to visit so will be trying to cram as much as possible into the time I have there. After spending a few days in Tokyo, the plan is to make my way to Kyoto! Any of my followers who have been to Japan and have any top tips of what I must see or do whilst I am there, please feel free to comment or send me a message!

It’s just me, Dammy, ready for the adventure of a life time…



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