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Before him, there was you

So today is International Woman's Day. What a time to be alive! I have loved seeing people posting all over my social media accounts celebrating all these inspirational women, sharing their own experiences and pushing for a more equal society. I had been wondering if I had anything to contribute to the existing rhetoric and… Continue reading Before him, there was you

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Talk less, smile more

I was recently in a seminar on company law at university when the seminar tutor told me to be quiet and let others speak. He said I should "give a chance to those who needed to spend more time thinking before they answered and did not want to impulsively put their hands up". Anyone in… Continue reading Talk less, smile more

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Say NO to this…

So after what was the most amazing summer of my life, I am now back at University for my third year. It feels like only yesterday that I was writing about freshers on here and now I'm nearly finished. All my fellow musical theatre lovers will have noticed the 'Hamilton' reference in the title. It's… Continue reading Say NO to this…

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Memoirs of a teenage worker (part 2)

This is PART TWO of my Memoirs of a teenage worker series. Click here to read part one where I talked about about working in KFC. Part 2 - Betterware So a couple of weeks after leaving KFC I applied for another job as a catalogue distributor for a company called Betterware. They are a… Continue reading Memoirs of a teenage worker (part 2)

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A thought on happiness

So it has been over a month since I last wrote something on here so thought I should give a quick update on what I have been up to. So far this term I have been in a play, started writing for the university newspaper, had a weekly radio show, been marketing two musicals, organised a fundraiser for… Continue reading A thought on happiness


Water is a poor substitute for chocolate…

In the spirit of the New Year and all my friends talking about their New Year's resolutions I thought I would write about why I will not be making any this year. So I have tried and failed to be healthy again. Towards the end of last term at university I made the decision to… Continue reading Water is a poor substitute for chocolate…

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University: to go or not to go?

I feel like I entered the pre-university process with a lackluster attitude. Education is really valued in my family therefore going to university felt like a given and the prospect of not going was not even on the table let alone discussed. I do not at all resent this because university was definitely the best option… Continue reading University: to go or not to go?

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Why don’t I have a mortgage…

Okay, so this is post is not actually about mortgages. If you came here for a comprehensive discussion about handling your finances then this is probably not what you're looking for. However, please keep reading anyway because I think this is an important topic. I am constantly being inspired by what people around me say and… Continue reading Why don’t I have a mortgage…