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VLOG: Dreamgirls

So this week has been pretty great in terms of fulfilling my constant need for musical theatre! On Monday, I managed to get tickets for Hamilton on its West End run. I was actually in a lecture when they got released so it was super tense. Luckily, I managed to get tickets for two dates… Continue reading VLOG: Dreamgirls

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VLOG: Aladdin

So I have decided to start a new theatre series linking my YouTube and blog together. The idea came to me over Christmas when I was talking to my cousin about all my favourite shows and recommending stuff she should see based on her tastes. At that point I realised that I have actually seen… Continue reading VLOG: Aladdin

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My Fringe escapades…

On the 1st of August just a few weeks ago, I began a 7 hour train journey to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to be the Marketing Assistant for 'The Improv Musical'. I set off on my journey feeling anxious - the Fringe Festival was panning out to be an expensive venture, I only knew a… Continue reading My Fringe escapades…