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Goodbye first year, Hello summer…

The novelty of a full fridge and my mum’s glorious cooking is slowly wearing off and the reality that first year is over has finally hit me. Yesterday, was the Prom for my old secondary school and today I attended ‘Speech day’ for my old sixth form and tonight they will have their Cornflower ball. Where did the time go? At just nineteen years of age, I feel so old. It may seem strange to feel so sad about leaving first year but the three month summer break feels too long to be away from the new friends and life I’ve made at Warwick. I dread to imagine the emotional wreck I will be when I finally leave university.
looking back
Throwback to Prom and Cornflower ball…
The journey home was very stressful and acted as a catalyst for my sadness of leaving first year. Granted listening to “Crying game” by Nicki Minaj on repeat may not have been the best move. Living so far away from uni it made sense to put my belongings in storage. I had stored a lot of stuff but I still had so much left to carry home. I actually felt a little disgusted with myself; how can one person own so many things? I will definitely have a huge clear out at the beginning of next term.
first year bb
Saying goodbye to uni halls….
It was so difficult attempting to manoeuvre a large suitcase, a rucksack, a holdall and a laptop case. This was with three changes in my journey and don’t even get me started on the London underground. Maybe, next time I will get a lift from my parents like the rest of my friends (*hint hint* ). However, I did meet a lot of lovely people who made the journey less hellish. Boarding my connecting train with only two minutes to spare was only possible because of the kind gentleman who helped me with my suitcase and then gave me his seat. And to the woman on the northern line whose hair accidentally found its way to my lollipop, I can only apologise again. Thank you for taking it so well, I was so stressed that if you had shouted at me I probably would have burst into tears.
It’s not goodbye, it’s a see you soon
This is what my friend Hannah said to me as she and Samantha helped me load my stuff into the taxi. With this in mind I am going to reflect on the positives of finishing first year and look forward optimistically to summer and the new academic year. Firstly, end of first year meant the Warwick Students Arts Festival. WSAF was the fantasy of every lover of the arts: four days full of music, drama, dance and more. I was in an amazing play called the Six Merry Murderesses which was inspired by the musical Chicago. I also played ‘Mr Potato Head” in the Toy Story revue which was brilliantly written and hilarious. Also, I sang “As long as he needs me” from Oliver Twist in the Musical Theatre showcase. In addition, the weather was so lovely, I went to Alton Towers and had a lot of great night outs.
The opening scene of the Six Merry Murderesses…
Toy Story revue: Andy’s coming…
The stage sure feels big when you’re up there by yourself…

What’s next?

I am so excited for this summer. For the next month I will be working full-time for a language school and then I will be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as the Marketing Assistant for the “Improv Musical”. It is such an amazing show and works on the premise of – you guessed it – improvisation so there is no script at all. The audience is given the power to decide what the show is about, the title of the first song, what style it will be in and which characters will feature. As if this isn’t hard enough, half way through the show the actors will be stopped and the audience will be given another chance to decide what will happen next. It is absolutely incredible, so funny and every show is a unique experience. A personal favourite of mine was watching the talented cast perform a show set in the human body, with the title song of “bodylicious”, with characters such as the Queen of Hearts, a mad scientist and Shania Twain. Priceless.
The Improv Musical hitting the Fringe for the second year…
Hopefully going up with a show I love so much will make my job a little easier. When I get back I will be heading straight to Canada for a family holiday. I also have an Indian wedding to go to and then I’ll be back working at my usual part-time job at a local sports shop for the last part of the summer. After that, I’m working at a law firm for a bit then going on holiday with some of my uni friends once we organise ourselves. Perhaps, I will finally get to realise my dream of an AMSTERDAMMY tour. (Do you see what I did there? My name is Dammy and we are thinking of going to Amsterdam…) Within all of this I’m sure I’ll find some time to watch an unacceptable amount of Netflix, see old friends and hopefully tick a few things off my Summer Bucket List. In addition, I have started writing a book of short stories; I’m really excited about that and hopefully will soon be able to share a few extracts of it…

My summer is quite busy, but I will keep posting regularly about what I’m up to. I have some important topics I really want to discuss and have already finished a few posts which I will publishing really soon. Feel free to let me know if there is anything you would like to see me write about. I am really open to new ideas and would love to hear what you think.

It’s just me, Dammy, let summer begin.



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