Water is a poor substitute for chocolate…

In the spirit of the New Year and all my friends talking about their New Year’s resolutions I thought I would write about why I will not be making any this year.

So I have tried and failed to be healthy again.

Towards the end of last term at university I made the decision to say good bye to my take-away filled lifestyle and move on to greener pastures, if you will. I even cancelled my Hungry House profile, deleted all my fast food apps and everything. I meant business.

Hungryhouse is both my best and worst friend

I did not actually realise that I had failed until a couple of weeks ago when a family friend I hadn’t seen a while said:

“My oh my, haven’t you got big”

I was actually stunned into silence.

Let us just ignore the sheer rudeness of his comment and what it demonstrates about the pressure many girls feel to look a particular way (that’s another conversation for another day)

I got home and reflected on what he had said and tried to pinpoint the moment I slipped back. And that is when the stark reality hit me: I JUST LIKE FOOD.

All of it. And I want to eat it all the time.

Hungryhouse was my one of my only forms of human interaction during exam season last year.

I am aware that this rationale may seem incredibly lazy and lacking in self control but for me, it is just the honest truth. I have read all the advice and have heard it all before. Smaller portions and more exercise. Simple, right? Wrong.

I saw an online advertisement saying that whenever you need a snack that you should just drink a glass of water. However, water is a poor substitution for chocolate. And completely cutting out all the the things you enjoy eating is simply not sustainable in the long term.

GIVE ME THOSE TASTY CALORIES. Carbs? Yep, I’ll have those too – they sound yummy.


So this is why I will not be setting any New Year’s resolutions. I do not see the point in starting something I cannot maintain.

This year rather than making a long list of ‘resolutions’ and fixating on those, I will be trying to change the mentality behind my actions. These bad habits or goals are ultimately just psychological.

Smoking, healthy eating, excessive drinking, being mean to people, swearing, better grades, no procrastinating…whatever your resolution may be. Surely it is better to think through why you are behaving this way or addicted to these things before you commit to changing it. This addresses the root of the problem making for more achievable and longer lasting goals.

Lastly, I will also change my focus from myself to other people and how I make them feel.

Happy New year!

It’s just me, Dammy, in the new year and still fabulous



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