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A thought on happiness

So it has been over a month since I last wrote something on here so thought I should give a quick update on what I have been up to. So far this term I have been in a play, started writing for the university newspaper, had a weekly radio show, been marketing two musicals, organised a fundraiser for a new charity on-campus, and President of my course’s society. And of course, doing my degree (not like that’s why I am actually here or anything!)

But I have missed blogging so much. I am sure everyone knows how much I love blogging. I am forever talking about it, sharing posts on my social media and wanting to learn how to be better e.g. learning how to make the header at the top of this page.

It has been about 7 months since my first post and I have begun reflecting on why I enjoy it so much. I have come to the conclusion that it is because it makes me happy. That may sound really obvious but have only recently realised how much time I spend doing things that do not make me happy. We live in a society where very few people are actually happy which is reflected through the increase in depression and suicide rates.

Blogging is one of the few things that I do solely because I like to do it. My enjoyment of it is not dependent on any other factor. There is something about the process of getting an idea, writing about it, editing and then releasing it to the world that I find so exciting and cathartic. I do not do it to please anyone, for the prospects of fame and money, because I have been taught that it is the expected thing of me or for validation from others.

I have been wondering how I would feel if I had no-one reading my blog. Would I still do it? Or would I feel like it was a waste of time? And the honest answer is yes, I would still keep at it.

Of course, I would prefer if people were enjoying and responding to the things I write about. I appreciate and am encouraged by every single ‘like’ and comment but that is just an added bonus. Taking all that away would not suddenly make blogging not enjoyable. This new hobby has completely changed my outlook on the world, what it means to be truly happy and to enjoy what you do.

For example, I was recently talking to my Dad about this Law programme that I had been selected for. I was so excited and mentioned some of the prestigious law firms that I would be visiting but I was met with a blank face. He had no clue who these firms were.and neither would many people outside the corporate world. He was simply proud of me because I am his daughter therefore, he thinks everything I do is amazing.

Let’s look at this situation on a larger scale. Imagine if everybody you met had no clue what all your achievements meant? Would they cease to make you happy? They did not know where your university ranked in the league tables, the difference between a doctor and a dinner lady or an A* and an F grade. Take a look at your life and all the things you do and ask yourself: If you take everything else away e.g. money, success, power, people’s opinion etc. Would it all still have been worth it? A lot of the time I have found that happiness is determined by all these transient factors.

I am not talking about instant gratification as sometimes happiness takes time. For example, if you have a dream job there are often lots of steps you have to take and those individual steps may not make you happy. Likewise, I understand that sometimes circumstances can make finding happiness hard. I am sure it is difficult to care if your job would make you happy regardless of the money when you are struggling to put food on the table.

However, I think everyone should have something that they do just for them and it in itself makes them happy. So I am currently trying to cut out as much of everything else as I can. Right now happiness is writing, radio and theatre. What is it for you? What does happiness mean to you?

It’s just me, Dammy, loving life.



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